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The Sweet Smell of Success

Added on: 24th March, 2014

The Sweet Smell of Success

Orpington Smells of Success!

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Mon, 7 April 2014

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A national campaign is being launched in Orpington this April to detect the sweet smell of success and analyse the essence of what is great in Britain.

Dr Sidney Rann, CEO of Bio Organism Substrate Industries (BOSInd) has announced details of the latest BOSInd SSOS mobile laboratory unit which will be launched in Orpington from Friday 4th until Saturday 5th April.

The unit will be situated in the old Silver Lounge building in Walnuts Market Square (next to the library and opposite the college) in conjunction with Orpington 1st Business Improvement District (BID), who are sponsors of this project.

The lab is part of BOSInds 2-year SSOS project to analyse aspects of chemical production in humans with particular talents and attributes - the project is focusing on the chemicals present when people achieve.

Dr Rann said “Orpington is a fantastic place to start this project as it has been identified by scientists as a town with the highest percentage of successful people from all age groups in the UK. Students from the local college go on to become extremely successful in their careers. I believe there is an element of success in everybody, our lab doors are open to all in Orpington and where there’s a trace of success about someone then our machines and our technicians will find it”

Orpington 1st BID Manager Sharon Baldwin said “We are delighted that Orpington has been highlighted as the best place to begin this research and are proud to sponsor this important project.”

The project will rely heavily on input from the general public who are invited to come down to the unit.

Dr Rann explained further “We need lots of raw material, we need lots of people to come to our lab and be analysed. The weekend sessions will be supervised by some of BOSInds top research scientists who are donating their free time to the project.”

Besides having a “Success Scan” visitors can witness the hi-tech unit in action and experience examples of other essences and historical aromas that the BOSInd team have archived. The unit contains two revolutionary machines:

- A Geographic Assimilation and Separation Processor which can detect even the faintest trace of a target molecule and is said to be 8000% more sensitive than a dog’s nose.

- A Placement with Olfactory Air Receptor which distils these particles into transportable water based solutions.

The laboratory will also function during the week when it will run automatically taking samples from the surrounding area.

Members of the public are welcome to come along to the Laboratory’s interface panel at any time and receive an instant reaction from the streets and people of Orpington.

The intended use of the final product is to give team GB’s Olympic athletes a boost by sending them into competition empowered by the sweet smell of success. Samples will also be available from the Fragrance Shop in The Walnuts Shopping Centre.

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Margot Rohan (Orpington Community) - 5 Apr, 2014 - 10:21AM

It's a pity the press launch was 1 April, as I DID think it was an April fool, so I deliberately did not promote it!!

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Karpoonis - 3 Apr, 2014 - 10:36AM

They should have done this on April 1st it would be more believable.
With the UB40 crowd outside the Harvest Moon and the Skunk shop we have some good specimens for them to test

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