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Consultation underway about Orpington and Bromley town centres

Added on: 22nd July, 2020 by O1

Consultation underway about Orpington and Bromley town centres

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Wed, 22 July 2020

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Residents and businesses are being encouraged to contribute to a wide ranging consultation about the future of Orpington, the borough’s major town centre town centre.

The outcome of the consultation will help shape the Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) which will provide detailed planning guidance for Orpington town centres to help deliver the policies already outlined in the adopted Local Plan. Consultation will run until 5 October 2020.

Councillor Peter Morgan, Executive Councillor for Renewal, Recreation and Housing said, “We want to make sure as far as we are able that all of our town centres are destinations of choice that both retain and enhance their own unique identities and continue to support social and economic development not just in their town but also across the Borough. As we all inevitably adapt to new patterns of living, which is impacted by many factors, including technology and the pandemic, now is a good time to provide guidance to help implement our planning policies for our 2 largest town centres, Bromley and Orpington, which are already outlined in the Local Plan. These consultations will give an important insight as to what local people and businesses feel is needed.”

In recent years, the role of town centres has been shifting from largely retail-focused areas to more mixed-use retail, cultural and leisure areas. The new SPDs that come forwards for Bromley and Orpington town centres will provide planning guidance for to help deliver the policies of the adopted Local Plan. The consultation and feedback will help inform the preparation of these SPDs.

Bromley and Orpington town centres are significant within the borough, as the regional and major town centres respectively. Orpington town centre is a major influence over a large part of the borough. It is therefore important that this new guidance enhances the vibrancy and character of the town centre and enables it to adapt and thrive in years to come.

The consultation is hosted on an online portal called Commonplace, which offers a number of options for providing comments, including a feature which allows people to click on specific areas of the town centre on an interactive map and provide detailed comments in relation to this area.

Following this consultation, the Council will prepare draft SPDs which will be subject to a further round of consultation in early 2021. If and when the SPDs are adopted, they will then become a material consideration in the determination of relevant planning applications.

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