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Orpington Business Against Crime

Added on: 21st November, 2019 by O1

Orpington Business Against Crime

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Thu, 21 November 2019

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The BID is running a Business Crime Reduction Partnership providing local business owners and managers with the tools you need to more effectively share information in the fight against crime. Join now if you have not done so already.

Members of Orpington Businesses Against Crime (OBAC) sign up to participation in an exclusion scheme, which aims to exclude shoplifters and persistent perpetrators of anti-social behaviour from all member premises.

Membership of the scheme, free for BID levy paying businesses, includes access to the DISC online information sharing system which can be accessed through the website or via smartphone by downloading the secure DISC App free of charge.

Once logged in, users can view Mugshot Galleries to search for Known Offenders, read or add incident reports and keep up to date with any relevant news, such as the work currently being undertaken to issue CBOs to persistent offenders.

Members using the app benefit from quick and secure login with a pin code, the use of voice-to-text to complete free-text elements of reports quickly, the ability to transfer images from CCTV to the DISC system using your phone's built in camera, and the option to receive Push Notifications on your phone, for urgent, important alerts.

You can visit the OBAC members only website HERE

If you have not already joined, please contact the Orpington 1st BID Manager, Chris Travers.

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