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New enhancements for Southeastern passengers

Added on: 30th August, 2019 by O1

New enhancements for Southeastern passengers

Last Updated:
Fri, 30 August 2019

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A new compensation portal has launched on the Southeastern website and app, enabling passengers to make easier and quicker compensation claims.

Southeastern's new portal saves users' previous information allowing claimants to skip the need to re-enter details about their regular journeys. The portal also makes it quicker and easier to submit details about the nature of their claim and reduces the number of steps required.

New portal slashes claiming time by over 50%

Submitting a compensation claim will now take the average passenger less than half the time as the old process, making it quicker and easier, and incentivising more people to submit a claim. Click HERE to access the portal.

Better passenger information during disruption

Southeastern is also improving the clarity of announcements and information displayed at stations. New improvements aim to provide passengers with more detail to help them plan their journey, including:
Enhanced train location information
New 'next fastest train' announcements when services are terminated early
Earlier, more detailed information about amended train routes during disruption
Warning of potential delays to services further in advance
Earlier information on service cancellations during severe disruption

More visible information about train lengths

Following the roll-out of information about the number of carriages on each service on the Southeastern journey planner, Southeastern now plan to make information more visible on station platforms, with information on the number of carriages clearly visible next to the time of each service.

This change will ensure that passengers will no longer have to wait for the scrolling feed to find out train lengths, enabling them to ensure they are waiting on the right part of the platform and giving more notice when trains are short-formed.

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