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Quitters Day – The Day when most People Give up on Their New years Resolutions

Added on: 7th January, 2019 by Christina_41410

Quitters Day – The Day when most People Give up on Their New years Resolutions

Personal Trainer and Author of Happy You Happy Body Karen Jones

Last Updated:
Wed, 9 January 2019

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This Friday, 11 January, is dubbed “Quitters Day” the date that most New Year Resolutions will be abandoned. With many people having promised to lose weight and get fitter in 2019, Author and Personal Trainer Karen Jones has some top tips to get you back on track and make 2019 the year you succeed in your fitness goals.

Slow Down- It’s not a race. You’ll get there when you get there. The first thing is to slow down. You might want to see results immediately but fitness and good health don’t work like that. Remember - Slow and steady wins the race.
Take it one step at a time- Get good at one improvement before you move onto the next thing - like drinking more water or upping your intake of vegetables and decreasing your intake of carbs. Make your mantra ”What’s the BEST thing I can eat to nourish my body in one meal”.
Find an exercise you love - try as many as you can. If you love an exercise you’ll want to keep doing it! Find the right one and you’ll surprise yourself you really will. And remember you don’t need a gym membership – think about exercising at home or in the local park.
Don’t dwell on slip ups - Don’t dwell on breaking your resolution. It doesn’t matter how many attempts just keep trying. Every expert started out as a beginner, you have to fail to recognise success.
Get the right focus – make your focus health not weight. Focus on good health by exercising and eating healthily , drinking more water, and getting more sleep and you’ll begin to see changes to the way you look and feel. Don’t be obsessed with a number on the scales.  Take good care of your body & love the skin you’re in.

Karen Jones is a Personal Trainer and Author of Happy You Happy Body This is a no fads, no crazes guide to leading a healthy lifestyle by combining sensible eating with daily exercise.
The book takes you on a step by step guide: discussing how your mind, emotions, nutrition and exercise all work together to create the Happy You. Karen holds your hand at every step and will show you how to change your life and make the positive changes last.

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